Wear Red, Save a Life

A year ago today one of our colleges in the training department lost her 22 year old son Byron in an unprovoked knife attack in Ilkeston. Since then Zoe has been campaigning against knife crime and raising money for bleed control cabinets to be placed around Nottinghamshire.

You can read more about these kits/Cabinets here https://controlthebleed.org.uk/ So far Zoe has raised around £10,000 with more funds to come in.

Today schools and companies around Nottinghamshire have worn red and donated what they can afford by joining the Wear Red Save a life campaign the idea is to raise money for this vital piece of equipment to be in schools.

The kits aren’t just for stab wounds but catastrophic bleed.

Knife crime now is sadly on the rise and we as a company have joined with Zoe today to wear red and donate to this worth while campaign.

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