Available for jobs at greater heights, our spider lifts offer increased outreach capabilities. While some platforms only cope with simple jobs that are reachable easily, spider lifts are perfect for flexibility.  The extendable neck of a spider lift allows versatility, enabling safe navigation around tight corners and bends.  They are some of the most flexible powered access we have available for hire. However, they are somewhat overcomplicated for more straightforward jobs.

The spider lift is a versatile one-tool, every-job solution. Unlike the powered access you get from scissor lifts, boom lifts and cherry pickers, scissor lifts are fantastic for tackling tricky, hard-to reach jobs. Spider lifts extend and contort to allow you to access tight spaces as well as work which may be well out of your reach. Call us today for expert advice and a quote!

Spiderlift 15m-35m

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