Pecolift 3.5m

Working Height: 3.50 m
Platform Height: 1.50 m
Capacity: 150 kg (1 person & tools)

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  • Step into the platform, no climbing.
  • Intuitive to operate – turn handle to elevate. Patented lift mechanism, doesn’t require power.
  • ‘Auto-lok’ brake on elevation.
  • Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre.
  • Small footprint (985mm x 700mm).
  • Unlimited lift cycles, 24/7 use.

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Pecolift 3.5m low level push around lift

The Pecolift is a low level, non-powered access platform. Because it’s lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, you can roll it around low-level access environments with ease. You elevate it through an innovative turning lift mechanism, making it easy to operate and requiring no power, in addition, the wheels use ‘Auto-Lok’ break on elevation to ensure the platform stays still and safe. Get Pecolift Hire from UK Powered access today!


Pecolift Working Dimensions

Maximum working height: 3.50m
Maximum platform Height: 1.50m
Platform dimensions: 720mm(l) x 600mm(w)
Working foot print: 985mm x 700mm
Safe working load: 150 Kg (1 person + tools
Maximum Manual Force: 200 N
Maximum gradient for operation: 0 degrees
Maximum wind force: Internal use only
Maximum wheel force: 125 kg
Maximum castor point load: 125 kg (1.23kN)
Sound pressure level: Less than 70Dba

Pecolift Closed Dimensions

Length: 985mm
Width: 700mm
Height: 1.55m
Weight: 180Kg
Lift Cycles Unlimited
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