UK Powered Access adds a Ruthmann T480

We’re reaching new heights here at UK Powered Access, adding a Ruthmann T480 to our fleet. The T480 has a working height of 48m, and a 32m lateral reach, allowing you to get on a whole new level.

The T480 is one of the best truck-mounted cherry pickers in its class, and has has the best performance capabilities in its category available on the market today. One of our favourite features is its unique upright basket, a feature particular to the Ruthmann height-performance series. Compared to other manufacturers, this lets the user reach up to three metres further once the working height goes above 20m. Reach capacity is one of the most integral parts of any powered access machinery, and we think the Ruthmann really goes the distance in this area.

In addition, the boom system can be pivoted at maximum lateral reach without having to be retracted. This means that exceeding the load torque limit is next to impossible with the T480. All movements at the job location are fast, smooth, and circular – not angular. Ruthmann also offer highly developed control technology, greatly enhancing safety and efficiency at the jobsite.

The T480 is currently in the new depot from, and we’re taking bookings now. Call Michelle on 0115 8383 088 now!

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