Meet Abbie…

Meet Abbie,

When Abbie joined us she started at the powered access depot Quarry Hill as an Admin assistant. Abbie’s previous roles had always been a little more hands on rather than office based. She joined the business in April 2022 and has picked up the powered access world rather quickly, always showing a keen interest in the machines configurations etc.

Over the past 6 months or so Abbie has mentioned a few times how she would like to get a little more hands on with the machines with comments like…

“I really want to drive one, I saw some machines when at download festival and all my friends mocked me because I was videoing them going up and down.” and “I love them, I wish I was an engineer in them all day.”

So, when an operating role came up in our vehicle division our Managing Director Michelle approached Abbie and asked her if she was serious about getting a little more ‘hands on’ with the machines? Like an excited child at Christmas her response was ‘YES I really do!’

We sent her down to our Vehicle Division for the afternoon to go straight up in one of our spider lifts to test how comfortable she is with heights (that’s the real test right?) Checking in with the Vehicle Divisions manager to see how she got on with the height, his response… ‘like a duck to water.’

After going over all the pros and cons and the importance of the H&S involved in the responsibility of being an operator etc Abbie was asked to have a think over the weekend and let us know her thoughts.

Monday morning soon came around and Abbie as eager as before came to us to say she had seriously considered it over the weekend, spoken with family and friends and without doubt wanted to give it a go.

So here we are today 2 weeks later and Abbie has officially moved over to vehicle division to begin her training for the role of operator, The first female operator for the UKTH Group Ltd.

With UKTH group having our own training department offering over 25 industry related courses we have every confidence Abbie will receive the right training and guidance which along with her enthusiasm will set her on the right path for success within this role.

We are all very proud of Abbie and hope her story encourages other women within the industry to never sit back and think certain roles are for certain genders. WE CAN DO THIS! 💪

Good Luck Abbie! 🎉


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