Mast Lifts

Mast lifts are useful if space is tight, and you are looking for powered access that offers lightweight but handy support.  Some mast lifts come multi-terrain, meaning that they can be used inside and out.  While they may not have the reach/flexibility of a cherry picker, a mast lift is dependable for smaller jobs and manoeuvrability. We offer a range of mast lifts for hire, including the Genie AWP series and platforms from Power Tower.

Our mast lift hire options features the Genie AWP. The Genie AWP series emphasises user-friendly controls, making it a fantastic piece of equipment.  It’s useful for aiding truck loading, and you can also position it close to walls without risk of misoperation.  It’s lightweight, flexible and an easily-handled tool that benefits industry professionals up and down the country. Because of this, it’s not hard to see why the range is so popular with our clients! Call us now on 0115 979 1068 to speak to one of our experienced operators!

Power tower Nano SP 4.5m

Skyjack SJ16 Mast Lift 6.6m

Genie AWP Mast Lift 8m - 14m

Haulotte Star 10m

Dingli AMWP8100 11m

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