Christmas how-to with UK Powered Access

It’s only September, yet Christmas preparations are underway already. You may be thinking, where’s the link here? Nobody’s asking for a scissor lift from Father Christmas! Yet when it comes to creating truly impressive Christmas displays, proper access equipment is essential. UK Powered Access are here to help.

Setting up large-scale Christmas decorations is not easy. You may need to get lights, signs and other decorations up in difficult locations. When you combine this access issue with the unpredictable British winter weather, you can see why Christmas may be such a challenge. Thankfully, we have a solution to these struggles, and the solution is powered access.

The benefits of powered access

Powered access platforms are mobile, flexible and suitable for all conditions. Every year, councils and private companies use our truck and van mounts and our cherry pickers to put up lights and installations in places that would otherwise be unreachable. A van mount such as the S125RA 12.5m is perfect for zipping around, quickly putting up some decorations, and moving on. For more rough terrain pursuits, some of our heavy-duty scissor lifts like the Skyjack SJ9250 Rough Terrain lift are also great, being able to access areas that aren’t even on level or stable ground.

Christmas displays keep getting bigger and better. Every year, many town and city centres reach new heights of extravagance due to powerful access equipment. What’s more, you can put up such displays much more quickly than if you used manual, old-style lifting equipment. If you really want to be able to wow with your christmas display, considering the correct access is a must. UK Powered Access has begun taking bookings for the festive period. Call our team of expert operators to help you achieve your goal: 0115 979 1068.

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