Cherry Picker Hire

Cherry pickers, or boom lifts, are perhaps the most common access supports as they also double as road vehicles. They offer the most flexibility in terms of transportation and you can move them from job to job across wide distances with ease.  A cherry picker is likely to be the first choice of a firm that works jobs spread across the miles. A good cherry picker is one that offers height and security in equal measure.

UK Powered Access offer a range of cherry picker hire solutions for any business in need of access solutions. We can provide cherry picker hire across the East Midlands and the UK. Our range includes cherry pickers from top manufacturers including Genie, Nifty and JLG. With many years in trading industry supplies, you can be certain of a fully-functional and safe powered access device. We provide solutions to a wide range of businesses. With our help, you will be able to cut time and increase productivity for your operation like never before.  For more information on our range of robust cherry pickers and other equipment, simply call us on 0115 979 1068. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you in detail.

This page has our whole range of cherry pickers for hire. View just electric/bi-fuel pickers; to view just diesel-powered pickers.

Genie Z-30/20 N 11.1M

Manitou 120 AETJ-3D 12m

Nifty HR12N 12.2m

Nifty 120 trailer mount 12.3m

Nifty HR15 15.5m

JLG 450AJ Series II 15.7m

Genie Z45XC 16m

Manitou 170 AETJ-L BI 17m

Nifty HR17N 17m

Manitou 200 AJT 20m

Genie Z-60/34 20.4m

Nifty HR21 Hybrid 20.8m

JLG 660SJ 22.3m

Genie Z-80/60 25.8m

JLG 800AJ 26.4m

Manitou 280 TJ 28m

Nifty HR28 Hybrid 28m

Genie S-125 40.2m

JLG 1250AJP 40.3m

Genie ZX-135/70 43.2m