A new Depot and new Dinglis!

Two big bits of news for UK Powered Access…

New depot open in Ilkeston

We’ve moved from our Bobbers’ Mill location to a new site in Ilkeston on Quarry Hill Industrial estate: Unit 17, Merlin Way, DE7

4RA. The new depot has more space and better facilities to help us keep our lineup of scissors and booms in top condition.

We now stock the Dingli range

We have invested in the Dingli range to give you that something a little bit extra and in between to ensure all requirements are covered. Dingli machines make for a change from the usual Skyjack, Genie and JLG, and make top-quality machines at the highest specification. We’re taking stock of the 6m Dingli Scissor- in between the low level equipment and 19ft electric scissors, with 4m platform height and 6m working height these are a lovely small addition to the small electric fleet. We’re also getting the 16m Dingli Scissor, which is 1.2m wide, as well as a 11m Dingli Mast Boom, also only 1m wide.
We continue to add new machines and make sure our fleet is up to date and full of new machines, rather than ageing old ones.

Coming soon to join the fleet – 800AJs

We have decided to add JLG 800AJs to our established 80ft family of Manitou’s and Nifty Lifts to add that extra bit of versatility. The 800AJ is a 26m diesel articulated boom lift, and features JLG’s ‘quickstick’ boom design which enhances the lift and lower times of this large working envelope boom. It has 360 degree continuous boom rotation, 130 degree vertical movement of the jib, 4 wheel drive and 110v power to basket.

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